Friday, September 14, 2012


The beginning of the school year comes with whole new classes, teachers, and assignments. This year, on top of everything else, Norwood High School also gets brand new technology.

This new technology is called a Mimio. It is a system that projects onto the whiteboard, where teachers and students can write on it. The Mimio isn’t only for writing though. Web pages, PowerPoint’s, and notes can be displaced and interacted with on the screen. Sophomore, Madison Mann says she thinks the board “will help the education process” and will be beneficial to students.

The board helps visual learners who learn best through the use of pictures and benefits those that would rather be up in the front of the class moving about than in their seats. The Mimio hits all forms of learning and is arguably less frustrating than adjusting the knobs on an old overhead, trying to get a clear picture.

This technology may look pricey, and it is. The Mimio system cost $750-$999. This price is well worth the cost thought for a system that could last for years. And hopefully by then teachers will have mastered them. Like any new technical device, it takes time to learn how to use it.

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